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Michael Hatten's Sacred Earth Studios

I have been photographing The Northwest since 2001. I've mainly done landscapes.

I am drawn to the outdoors because I feel most at peace in nature. I would love to do a book someday of all the places I've visited. Maybe with a focus on the environment.

I believe nature photographers have a front row seat to observe and record the tangeable effects climate change will have on the land.

I also love shooting Historical Architecture.

Favorite Images of 2013

How The Heck Did They Get This Stuff Down Into This Steep Narrow Canyon?

How The Heck Did They Get This Stuff Down Into This Steep Narrow Canyon?

White River Falls State Park 1910 Abandonded Powerhouse Near Tygh Valley Oregon

1910 powerhouse 3 sisters 5 pine lodge abandonded abstract abstraction ainsworth airplance airplane airplanes alice in wonderland alpine american apollo rover archhitecture architecture art art in the commons art int he commons astoria auction aviation bakehouse balloon balloons over bend 2009 balsam balsam root bandon banner barlow room barn bastion battery battery 245 oregon beach beams bear meadows bearly there ranch belknapp bench bend blue boat bridal veil falls bridge broken top building buildings butterfly california cant ranch cape kiwanda capitol carnival rides cascade locks cascades cedar creek cedar creek grist mill cherry blossoms client work coast columbia columbia river gorge columbia river gorge commission column condon paleontology center covered bridge creek crown point dee dee wright observatory dew door drake park elowah falls enchanted forest engine entrance evergreen air and space museum evergreen avaitaion museum evolution exhibit fall falls flowers fog foggy forest fort vancouver fossil beds fountain frozen galaxy garden gifford pinchot national forest glass works glassblowing gorge grand gallery grist mill hdr high desert hills historic historic hwy hood hood river horsetail falls hwy interior japanese garden japanese maple jensen arctic museum jets jim's junction john day john day fossil beds koosah falls lake lan su chinese latourell latourell falls lava field leaves lewis lewis river little zig zag lodge lower lupine macro mckenzie mckenzie pass mckenzie river mcminnville meadow meadows memaloose metolious middle sister mission mill mission mill museum mitchell moon morning mosier moss mountains mt hood mt jefferson mt rainer mt rainier mt st helens mt washington multnomah multnomah falls multnomah falls lodge museum mushrooms national national park night north north sister ocean old mill distric oneonta oregon oregon 150 pacific city painted hills pano panorama panoramic panoramics paradise paradise river park pikes place market pilot butte pool portland powerhouse redmond refelection river road rock rockets roundabout rowena crest ruthton point salem salmon bake sculpture seal seattle sheep rock unit shepherds dell falls silver falls sister sisters smith smith rock south south sister space sparks sparks lake spring spruce goose starvation creek state state fair state park sternwheeler store storm summer sunrise sunset tanner creek the blue basin timberline timberline lodge tofteville trail trees trillium trillium lake tulips tunnel vancouver vine maple vista house vital signs 2009 wahclella washington waterfall waterfalls white white river white salmon wildflowers window wou wright yosemite youngs bay zoo 245 360 1910 1940 2013